TEASE Trans / CD Play Party

TEASE Currently on Hold Till Further Notice

Hi Everyone,
TEASE is currently on hold due to Covid-19 and at this point I have no idea when or if we'll be back. The Threshold clubhouse where we've held the party is also closed and whether or not they reopen is also a big question mark. Let's hope for the best and hopefully be doing parties again at some point...Take care and stay safe!

Your TEASE host, Sandra

$15 for Threshold Members, $20 for Non-Members
18 years and older

TEASE is a TG-themed party, but it’s open to Everyone! TG / TS / CD / TV / FTM / MTF / Gender Queer / Gender Variant / Non-Binary AND our friends and admirers - Everyone is welcome! TEASE is sponsored by Threshold.

TEASE is held at Threshold’s fully equipped dungeon in North Hollywood, CA., with bondage tables, racks and crosses, the medical room, the chain web, and the throne in the purple room, perfect for foot worship and pedicures.

TEASE is a place where you can safely and discretely transform yourself and freely express your gender. There's a comfortable ladies' room (and men's room), where you can dress if you need to. And if you're a CD but would prefer to attend in “guy mode” that’s okay too.

No alcohol or drugs allowed. Sodas and bottled water are available for a .50 cent donation.

11300 Hartland St.
(off Tujunga, 1 block north of Vanowen)
North Hollywood, CA 91605

Hartland dead ends into a parking lot.
The building is to the right but the entrance is around back.
Enter the lot and stay to the right. Park alongside the building.
Head to the back, and look for the open wooden door with the big "T" leading into the clubhouse.

Map to 11300 Hartland St.

For questions or more information on attending, please contact Sandra at sandra@tranniesintrouble.com