Model Call / Photographers

Model Call, Los Angeles

I live in Los Angeles and am always looking for attractive models who love bondage and would be a good fit on Trannies In Trouble.

If you're a TV, CD or TS with your own outfits, who does your own makeup, and would like to be considered for bondage modeling, I'd love to hear from you! I shoot with all types of trans / CD models. Here are some more details:

The bondage I do is pretty real with real mouth-filling gags, but safety is always the top priority. Of course the best models are usually the ones who are really into being tied up. Favorite outfits include secretary wear, sexy girl next door, maid's outfits, school girl, and costumes. And I do often buy outfits for specific scenes. My budget isn't huge, but I do paying shoots for attractive models, especially if they have experience or have done work in trans porn. I also sometimes shoot some models who just want to experience nice tight bondage in a safe environment, and as payment I give them a long-term password to the site. I usually shoot in a hotel room or at the model's place if they prefer it and it's tidy.

I try to keep photo shoots simple and relaxed and usually it's just me (Sandra) and the model. Trannies In Trouble has become racier over the years but during the shoot itself there's no pressure to do things that the model is uncomfortable with. Some of the shoots are just regular damsel bondage scenes, and some have exposed shots and panty bulges or the use of chastity devices or the Hitachi vibrator, but it all depends on the model's comfort level and what they're looking for. All models do have to sign a STANDARD MODEL RELEASE and provide proof of age, usually a photocopy of a DRIVER'S LICENCE (all documents are kept strictly private and locked away).

If you'd like more information and would like to be considered for modeling, just send me an EMAIL (sandra at tranniesintrouble dot com). Also please mention "modeling" in the subject line and send along some dressed pictures for consideration, bound or unbound. Also, I have to stress - please don't send any pics using FaceApp or filters! FaceApp has become so popular that I now sometimes have to ask if someone's pictures look too good! Finally, I do hear from a lot of people and my budget is limited. Sometimes potential models have a nice look but for whatever reason they may not be the right fit for the site. So if I do say no please don't be offended. And please don't let that scare you off. I look forward to hearing from you!

Are you a Bondage Photographer?

I'm also always looking for skilled bondage photographers / riggers in the Los Angeles area to take pictures of me or possibly other models on the site. My budget isn't huge but if you're good it can sometimes be a paying gig, though I prefer shooting with riggers who just love doing the bondage and picture taking. And I also can do shoots in exchange for long-term membership to the site. If you have sample pics of girls you've tied and photographed, please send me an EMAIL (sandra at tranniesintrouble dot com). I'm always looking for talented and sane people to work with. And please mention "bondage photographer" in the subject line of your email so that I don't accidentally delete it.