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Bondage Workshop at Hollywoodland Studios

Threshold holds an inexpensive bondage workshop, which I used to run years ago, every month in North Hollywood, California. I highly recommend it, as well as many of the other events sponsored by Threshold (such as the Club Fantasy parties).

The workshops are every month, on the fourth Sunday from 4 to 6 PM. Check out the calendar on the banner link above to verify the date. Cost is $5 for members and $10 for non-members.

Hollywoodland Studios
11300 Hartland St.
North Hollywood, CA 91605

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Doing Bondage

There are probably hundreds of ways to do bondage, and there's no one right or wrong way.

On these pages I'll try to describe some basic techniques that I've learned while getting tied up and tying up others. I've only seriously been doing bondage for about ten years. I consider myself a student of the craft and there are lots of things I don't know (such as suspension and serious Japanese bondage). So nothing I say here is written in stone. These are just things that I like to do.

Good Books on Bondage

I mainly learned bondage by doing it, by picking up pointers from friends, and by going to workshops. I've also found many excellent resources online and in books and magazines.

There are many popular books on bondage. Several that I like are Jay Wiseman's "Erotic Bondage Handbook", Midori's "The Seductive Art of Japanese Bondage", Lee Harrington's "Shibari You Can Use", Chanta Rose's "Bondage for Sex", and The Knotty Boys' "Showing You the Ropes" and "Back on the Ropes". I recommend Dorothy's Kinky Bookstore for these and other good books.

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