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More Bondage "How To" Sites

Massachusetts Bondage - Huge listing of online tutorials, including some of mine!

Lorelei's Bondage U - One of my favorite places online for bondage information

Some Japanese Bondage Sites with Tutorials

Kikkou - Paysite with some good tutorials and streaming video of live Japanese-style bondage shows

Japan Rope - Sells hemp rope and has several nice tutorials

Kinbaku - the Art of Erotic Bondage

One Last Thought on the subject:  It doesn't have to be perfect.

I find that when I insist on every rope and knot being exactly in it's place, with no sloppiness or "mistakes" at all, I tend to stifle my own creativity and enjoy myself less. This stuff should be fun, and if it's not the neatest bondage in the world that's okay. John Willie, who published Bizarre magazine back in the Fifties, was often pretty sloppy in his rope tying for photos, but his pictures are still some of the hottest ones ever shot.

Be safe and have fun.